Wajda Law Group’s testimonials show the amazing customer service and personal care that we give to every client. Please read through the feedback we have received by providing quality legal advice that get’s people the results they are after.

Nick and his staff did an excellent job in filing our bankruptcy. He was very patient and understanding. It was also nice to actually speak with Nick and his staff personally when I had questions instead of automated messages or having to leave voicemails. I would definitely recommend Wajda Law Group.

Roy Redner    July 5, 2018   

My first time having to file bankruptcy due to a bill that wasn’t mine and the judge didn’t care. Mr. Reid and his staff have been very helpful and I have no complaints at all with their service. I don’t plan on event filing bankruptcy again and I just want to thank Mr. Reid and his staff for their hard work.

* Sinoi Hall    June 21, 2018   

* Nick and his group are all very knowledgeable and very friendly to work with . took care of everything on line and nick always followed up with a phone call . everything went great without a hitch . He definitely knows what he is doing . everything right according to plan . will recommend him to all I know and more . thanks Nick !!!!

benjamin flowers    June 17, 2018   

Mr. Wajda, Thank you and your staff for making the entire process as painless as can be. Your "nonstop" personal attention was very much appreciated. I highly recommend you to anyone.

David Jervis    June 17, 2018   

I wish to Thank You, Mr. Reid, and your above able assistants: Kate, Tracy, Amy, & Carmen for all that you did for me to once again become Unburdened. Take Care.

* Philip G Moreau    June 13, 2018   

I started with a different attorney. They wanted a lot of money up front before i could even speak the the attorney. Michael at Wajda Law Group name had come up, but at first i was afraid to contact him after what had happened. Let me tell you getting a hold of Michael was the best decision, we spoke quite a bit before i had hired him. Michael laid everything out, his staff is amazing everything was taken care of flawlessly. Cannot Thank them enough! My BK was discharged this week.

Daniel Post    June 4, 2018   

I just want to say I really appreciate Michael and the lawyers that have helped me and my family get through this bankruptcy. It was smooth and not as difficult as I’ve heard because of this law group. thank you again and god bless

Derek pacheco    May 24, 2018   

While consulting several attorneys, to help me on my legal issue, not one of them were willing to help without charging fees up front.
Attorney Michael T. Reid from Wadja Law Group, was able to help me set a plan, where I can make installments.
Michael was a trully proesional from start to end; his staff answered any question I had, and guide me to this whole process with
efficiency and profesionalism.
I will defenetely recomend Michael and his law firm to anyone on need of legal help.

Ricardo Estrada    May 23, 2018   

Michael Reid is an exceptional lawyer and his staff was highly professional and responsive. Legal matters can be very uncomfortable and stressful while you are going through the process, Michael kept me informed throughout. "Highly recommended.”

Peter Roden    May 1, 2018   

Michael Reid and his team were so great in helping with all aspects of my bankruptcy. He informed me of my choices and helped me every step of the way! Glad I chose this firm to help me get a fresh start.

*Amanda Perkins    May 1, 2018   

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